Jagex has many games. This page lists current games. For previous games go to Old Jagex games. These are all games you can get onto with your Jagex account on RuneScape and FunOrb.

Game Site Notes
36 Card Trick FunOrb None.
Arcanists FunOrb FunOrb biggest game. Gameplay similar to worms. Many backgrounds relate to RuneScape.
Armies of Gielinor FunOrb FunOrb game located in RuneScape universe.
Bouncedown FunOrb None.
Brick-à-Brac FunOrb Contains references to other games.
Chess FunOrb Chess is based on the board game chess.
Crazy Crystals FunOrb None.
Deko Bloko FunOrb None.
Dr Phlogiston Saves the Earth FunOrb Abbreviated to Dr P Saves the Earth.
Dungeon Assualt FunOrb Remake of Dungeon Explorer.
Escape Vector FunOrb None.
Flea Circus FunOrb Remake of the original Flea Circus.
FunOrb FunOrb Only a game by a technicality.
Geoblox FunOrb None.
Hold the Line FunOrb None.
Hostile Spawn FunOrb None.
Kickabout League FunOrb Did have a beta.
Lexicominos FunOrb None.
Miner Disturbance FunOrb Not remake of Gold Mine although the names are similar they are completely different.
Monkey Puzzle 2 FunOrb Remake of Monkey Puzzle.
Orb Defence FunOrb None.
Orb Downloads FunOrb None.
Pixelate FunOrb Uses backgrounds from other games.
Pool FunOrb Based on the game pool.
RuneScape Classic (Beta) RuneScape To get onto it you have to have been on since the time they were removing it. Also counts as an old Jagex software.
RuneScape Testing Beta RuneScape Opened to public once on August 4th.
RuneScape RuneScape Largest Jagex game.
Runescript None Not technically a game but a scripting program Jagex developed to make RuneScape.
Shattered Plans FunOrb None.
Sol-Knight FunOrb None.
StarCannon FunOrb None.
Steel Sentinels FunOrb None.
Stellar Shard FunOrb None.
TerraPhoenix FunOrb None.
TetraLink FunOrb Remake of TetraLink, Quad-Link and Runelink.
The Track Controller FunOrb None.
Tor Challenge FunOrb None.
Torquing! FunOrb The exclamation mark is part of the name.
Transmogrify FunOrb None.
Vertigo 2 FunOrb Remake of Vertigo.
Virogrid FunOrb Remake of Ataxtix which was a remake of SlimeWar.
Wizard Run FunOrb The final boss is also the reward for a full book of stone on Arcanists.
Zombie Dawn FunOrb None.
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer FunOrb Sequel to Zombie Dawn.