Haxxors is a planned Funorb game based around robots. It was first mentioned in the "NEW - Name a Game Competition" thread on the forums. The first post of the thread said:

Greetings potential data thieves!

Yes that's right we are letting you name another game!!!

That means we are giving you another chance to really make your mark on FunOrb history, and have a game that you named permanently featured on our site.

This game is in the early stages of development, and so it's release will not be right around the corner. Definitely one to look forward to. :D

Obviously you need to know a bit about the game to be able to name it - so this competition also serves as a bit of a sneak preview!

The game is set in the Techno-Data Age, and is themed around 'cybercrime' and 'cyber-espionage'. It will be a multiplayer game with co-op elements, and include fast frantic action!

Frankly I can't wait!!!

Incidentally, please remember to not breach any copyright rules (we can't use any name that is already in use).

You can suggest as many ideas as you like but please don't edit your old posts to update them with a new idea (as this is unfair) - just add a new post to the thread to make further suggestions.

A closing date will be added later, but for now post away!

Good Luck,

:: Sallyd ::

Some people think that it may not have been re-written and made into the upcoming game Steel sentinels.

Shortly after this Paul posted the winner (Cjthegreat4) and name of the game (Haxxors) along with the Christmas thread. The thread read:

Merry Christmas to every Funorber from myself and everyone here at Jagex!

As it's such a special day I feel a little announcement coming on ..... time to tell you who has won the 'name a game' competition!

Congratulations go to 'Cjthegreat4' who came up with the name 'Haxxors' for one of our future FunOrb games!

*Paul bounces around the room excitedly*

Now . . . . there's presents under the tree - hurray it must be the most magical time of the year.

Enjoy Funorb, but don't forget what day it is, spend some time with friends and family today too.

I hope everyone has a great day. I know I plan to, I like giving and receiving presents and Mum does a great Christmas dinner


Jagex have not mentioned it since.

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