Hold the Line
Hold the Line logo
Genre Racer
Release February 27, 2008
Multi-player No
Hold the Line

Hold the Line gameplay.

Hold the Line is a racing game. It was released on the day of FunOrb's launch.


FunOrb description read:

Race your way to victory over 16 tracks set in four distinct environments. Pick up combinations of speed boosts, shields and weapons to fight your way to the finish line. Can you hold first place against the other racers? Can you hold it together against your powered-up rivals? Can you Hold the Line?


Players control their cars from a birds-eye view around various tracks in various environments. In Championship Mode, you race against three opponents and the aim is to complete the tracks in either first or second position, which will unlock the next track. There are four championships, each with four tracks. Around the tracks are various powerups, which can be used to help yourself, or hinder others.

There are also other play modes, including single player races and practices. Demolition Mode is won by destroying your opponents using various methods.

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