Nominating Edit

This page is for nominating users for User of the month status. They must have contributed a considerable amount to the wiki, both in article content and in discussions.

If you think a user deserves to be recognized, you can nominate them to be User of the Month here.

There are some basic requirements for nominating an article for Article of the month status:

  • You cannot nominate yourself - only another candidate. If you do not fill in all of the table sections, your request will not count.
  • You should notify the user you have nominated them. They may not want to be nominated, so let them know before you do it.
  • Don't nominate anyone who has already been a user of the month - you can only be a user of the month once.
  • Nomination starts the month prior to the designated featured user month (for July, nomination is in June). A user of the month is determined the day before the month is over.
  • Voters are required to have a minimum of 50 mainspace edits, been on the wiki for at least a month and be active at the time of nomination and during the month - this is to ensure that they are an active member.
  • Candidates may not self-promote their own nominations, be it in their signatures, talk page, userbox, etc.
  • Candidates may not vote for their own nomination.
  • Absolutely no in-game advertising about user of the month by candidates, be it in PM, Clan Chat, etc. If this occurs, screen shots of chat may be used to provide grounds to disqualify the candidate.

To nominate a user, add the following code at the bottom of the table:

| [[User:Name|Name]] || ~~~~~ || Pending || [[Template:User of the month:Name]] || Your username

Then, on the Jagex_Wiki_talk:User_of_the_month page, write a short paragraph detailing why you think the user deserves to be featured, starting with:

== [[Name]] ~~~~~ ==

List of nominations Edit

User Nominated On Nomination status Template Nominee

If a nomination is approved Edit

  • Create [[Template:User of the month:Name]] if it hasn't already been created. If you cannot ask for assistance from an administrator.
  • An administrator will move the code from this page onto the template for the relevant month and year ([[Template:User of the month:Month Year]]).
  • An administrator will add <option>{{User of the month:Month Year}}</option> to Template:User of the month in the relevant space.

Past featured users Edit