Kickabout League is a 5-a side football (soccer) based game on the FunOrb website.

Betas Edit

Jagex recently released a beta of the game on FunOrb before it was released. There were two versions of them these were:

Moderators Edit

Main Article : Kickabout League Beta (Moderators)

The player moderators beta featured on the FunOrb site on the 8th June. It featured rating and the comments on the feedback thread (on the FunOrb forums) were shown.

Members Edit

Main Article : Kickabout League Beta (Members)

Members got to go on the game on the 9th June. Player Moderators could also log onto it. Rating was removed and comments on the feedback thread were hidden.

This page is just a summary; for more in depth detail please visit the FunOrb wiki.

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