The Moderators Kickabout League Beta was the first beta test on FunOrb and it was also the first beta that Jagex ever made just available to Player Moderators. The difference between the moderator one and member one was that the lobby had rating. Many moderators had different ratings to everyone else when the beta for members came out. Many moderators were spotted on it including Quartic and Dan Madeley. Interestingly when it was just available to moderators the Kickabout League feedback thread comments were not hidden. It is unknown whether this was intentional or not.

Trivia Edit

  • When the beta was released to members some moderators found that they could still change thier rating when playing rated games!
  • Many things such as achievements were disabled which left players feeling a bit cheated as they had nothing to show they played the beta.
  • The instructions on the game just said WIP (which stood for work in progress).
  • Jagex Moderators changed the game whilst in-game. They sometimes changed the ball, they changed it into the Torquing! hamster, a tennisball, a basketball, a beachball, an asteroid, a burning asteroid and an atom.
  • Jagex moderators also changed the appearance of thier players into things other players couldn't! Mod Socrates' player was seen shiny, invisible and just an outline, huge and able to run faster, with his arms outstretched running like a plane and at one point he even made his player do the moonwalk!