The MechScape Members Beta is a planned beta for MechScape. It will be available to RuneScape and FunOrb members. This was first confirmed in Mod MMG (Mark Gerhard's) clan chat in March 2009.

RuneScape MembersEdit

In this clan in response to a question that went something like this:

Will there be a MechScape Beta? If so who will it be available to?

Mod MMG then replied:

MechScape Beta

FunOrb MembersEdit

After that there was a lot of controversy over whether it would be for FunOrb members to. However a few months later Mod Korpz came to the rescue and in an interview with OrbMore (a popular FunOrb fansite) said this:

Question: You already confirmed that RuneScape members will be allowed to test the beta of MechScape. Will it be the same for FunOrb members?

Answer: Yes, anyone with Jagex Product membership will be involved in this, if it takes place. I’m not involved directly with MechScape so I can’t confirm that this definitely will happen though.

This page is just a summary; for more in depth detail please visit the MechScape wiki.

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