Miner Disturbance: Run escape! (April 1st 2009) was an april fools joke which appeared on the FunOrb forums by Mod Thomas (it was never released as a game). The words Run Escape were a play on RuneScape and so was the description. It read:

Alas the global economic crisis has hit even the most stalwart of Dwarfs. Moin invested all of his substantial reserves of gold into subprime mountains and when they subsided into the soft soil he found himself rather out of gold - a terrible situation for any respected Dwarf.

But salvation is at hand! Taking the mickaxe that previously benefited him so, Moin is setting his sights back at Mt.Magros. Previously Moin mined Mt.Magros in only two dimensions each time so as to leave the mountain intact, yet after attending a mathematical meeting on dimensional ditransference, he came back with the following equation:

Dimensions= (ChanceOfFindingKing^(-1)+DangerousOreTypes-ViewFactor)/2

Hence after his many journeys to the bottom of the Super Volcano Expansion that was so recently latched onto the original Mountain, Moin realised that to mine in three dimensions and thus have an infinitely increased volume of ore to collect he would have to mine in 1st person!

Moin's Miner Vision(tm) is powered by volumetric Ray casting. Moin sends Ray out zooming back and forth from your screen where upon Ray shouts back with the colour that should be drawn. Usually Ray just slams his cubic head against rock, but he also keeps a close track on how much water he passed through as well, allowing for very cheap bodies of water to be rendered. There is currently an issue with Ray burning up in lava, but we hope to fix that using an aspestos fire suit.

There are other problems to Moin's extra dimension; we found that he actually weights rather a lot due to the thing that his aunt gave him containing a whole pocket universe within which to store all his swag. This has caused Moin to take considerable damage when falling too far and also stopped him from being able to jump using his stubby legs. Both of these problems may be fixed later on with the addition of Helium Boots and the Air Safety Backpack.

Unfortunately, the penguin managers are starting to get suspicious of Moin's intentions and he may have to keep his two and a half days of three dimensional play under wraps. We will have to wait and see...

- Mod Thomas

Highest volume of ore mined in Mt.Magros 3D: 32150 cubic cubits

Unfortunately this didn't fool anyone but it was a nice try!

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