Monkey Puzzle
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Genre Arcade
Release ????? ??, ????
Multi-player No
Monkey Puzzle

Screenshot from Money Puzzle

The original Monkey Puzzle (also known as Monkey Puzzle 1) is on the Jagex site and has always been on the Jagex site here. Jagex later remade it for FunOrb as Monkey Puzzle 2.

Description Edit

Its description read:

Monkey Puzzle

You are stuck on your raft in the jungle and the water level is rising! You must escape onto the creepers, but first you must knock all the monkeys out of the way. To dislodge the monkeys you must fire coconuts upwards. If 3 or more objects of the same colour come together they fall off the creepers.

Gameplay Edit

The objective is to dislodge every monkey (And every coconuts in later levels).

Instructions Edit

The Instructions read:

Use the left and right arrow keys to aim. Press Return or Space to fire a coconut.
Click the "Start Game" button to begin.