Mystery Monster

Mystery Monster

Mystery Monster was a game on the Games Domain site that had similar gameplay to that of the game "Guess who?".

Description Edit

Mystery Monster

Try to guess your opponents monster by asking questions. Trap the monsters in their cages until only one is left. Part of the Castle-GamesDomain multiplayer games suite

Instructions Edit

Objective of Mystery Monster

To win this game you must succesfully work out which monster your opponent has by asking a series of questions about it's appearance.

How to play

You must take it in turns to ask questions about each others monsters. Your own monster is indicated by the gold bars in front of the cage. To ask a question on your turn, click on the desired question on the right, and then press the 'ask question' button. The question will be automatically answered for you. It also possible to combine questions by pressing the 'AND' & 'OR' buttons. Once you know the answer to the question, click on any monsters you have eliminated, to put them behind bars! When you have narrowed it down to just one monster you will get the option to make a guess. If you get it right you win the game, but if you're wrong you lose!