Paul Gower (also called Mod Paul) is the brother of Andrew Gower and Ian Gower. He has also helped make RuneScape since 1999 when he helped create an early version of the game.

An interview with Paul Gower also gave useful information:

How long have you been with Jagex?
I’ve been working on RuneScape since about April 2000, when Jagex was basically just a trading name that my brother Andrew used.
I’d done a bit of work on some of Andrew’s games before that too.
I worked on Runescape, in a self employed capacity until December 2001, when we formed Jagex as an actual company and I became an employee.

What position do you hold with the company?
Well I am a company director though on a more day to day basis I’m a content developer.

What advice do you have for those fans who would like to get into the area of gaming, specifically within development working in a position such as yours?
For a content developer, you will need to have some programming experience (Java, C++, game scripting etc) Experience in some capacity of doing role playing game design, even small hobby projects is very valuable too, so take the opportunity to do this where you can.

What areas of responsibility exist within your position that should be considered when deciding to enter this field of work?
I feel that content development is often like being the project lead on lots of small projects. You need to design a project, code a project and get the correct input from various people in other departments. At the moment there is actually a content developer position advertised on our Jagex site which gives a fair amount of information about the job.

What is the most fulfilling part of your position and why?
It’s great that I have the opportunity to come up with lots of creative ideas – which I can make a reality, and have many people experience, especially when they really get into what you have done. On this project for example, it’s great to read threads of people speculating as to what will happen at the next mahjarrat ritual or what the true nature of Zaros is.

What education or background do you have that brought you to your current position?
I used to design games as a hobby with Andrew when we were teenagers. Andrew was already a bit of a coding whiz kid. Mostly I did level design work and some graphics at that point. Back then our focus was shareware/freeware for the Atari ST.