RuneScape Classic gameplay

RuneScape Classic gameplay

The RuneScape Classic (Beta) is the second version of RuneScape Classic (following RuneScape Classic (Alpha)).

On 4 August 2005, Jagex removed the free version of RuneScape Classic. On 15 January 2006 only players who had logged in between 4 August 2005 and 15 January 2006 could play RuneScape Classic. This was due to players cheating at RuneScape Classic, since it is no longer updated. On 20 November, 2007, Jagex closed the RSC forums to non-RSC players.

Debate has arisen over whether an account which is inactive for 6 months even after the original 6 month period will remain accessible, as two different explanations are provided on the RuneScape website. However, the Game Guide states:

"As such, only accounts which played RuneScape Classic at least once in the six months from August 3rd 2005 to February 3rd 2006 are able to play RuneScape Classic."

Which suggests that accounts may retain access even if they are inactive for longer once they passed the original 6 month period. This is supported by players with personal experience. Jagex have not yet announced an official explanation.

In 2009 between November the 11th and 25th jagex re-opened classic again. For more information visit RuneScape Classic (Gamma).

When the free version existed, players whose membership expired would be teleported to Lumbridge. Since the free version no longer existed, this feature was removed some time in 2008.

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