The RuneScape Naming Program was a simple program Andrew Gower created to name RuneScape. It checked for possible compound names (from a list of words Andrew entered). It also check if the copyright, URL and publicity details had already been taken for it or not. The name it chose was RuneScape.

Andrew first mentioned this on the Andrew Gower Q&A In response to:

What does the name runescape meen/stand for? and how did you come up with it?

It's a combination of the 2 words 'rune' (as in the magical rune) and 'scape' (as in landscape) so roughly means land of magic.

I came up with it by making a list of all sort of interesting words and word fragments that I thought were suitable for a game in a fantasy setting. Then I wrote a program which combined those words in random combinations and for each resulting combination then automatically checked if the .com was still available. The program spat out a few hundred possibilities for which I could still get the .com, and was my favourite. So the game was called that.

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