The ST2MIDI Converter + was a project Andrew Gower made on his personal site around 1998. Its description read:

ST utility to redirect sound from YM chip to the MIDI ports in realtime, vastly improving a games music

Since it is a converter it is unlikely to be improved and it is very unlikely it will ever be remade again.

It came with a description that could be opened with microsoft word which read:

ST To MIDI Converter Plus
By Cunning And Devious Developments
All programming by Andrew Gower
Writen in 68000 machine code using Devpac 2
Copyright 1997

This utility enables you to use your MIDI keyboard, or MIDI sound
module to emulate a sound card. Once installed it can convert
bleepy chip music into top quality sound output!

Improvements in new version
Better quality conversion, Greater compatability, Drum emulation
now available, Easier to use, Takes less memory (only 3K!)

Installing the program
Ensure the main program is in an auto folder on a disk, then
reboot the computer with the disk in the drive, and turn on your
MIDI keyboard. You will be presented with an option screen
allowing you to configure the program to your preferences. First
you need to enter the instrument numbers which you wish to be
used for each of the 3 ST sound channels. Most keyboards tell you
the number of each instrument, or have a seperate booklet with
them in. Next you need to tell the program which channel number
your keyboard uses for drums. (Normally 16). Entering 0 disables
drum output. Finally you need to select the programs protection
level. Self protect should be turned off, unless you are running
a program which you find disables this utility. (Eg. Frontier
Elite 2). Now insert the disk you wish to use, and press space.
If there are any auto folder programs you are given the option to
run them now, otherwise control is passed to the desktop where
you can run the software as usual.

This utility will not work with any software which runs from a
boot-sector (Some commercial games/demos), most other software
works, but some programs erase it from memory even with self
protect switched on. Other programs crash if it is installed. The
success rate with non boot-sector programs is still very good
(Aprox 70% in my collection).

Getting successful results
To make the music sound good when it comes from your MIDI device,
you will need to experiment a bit. Don't be suprised if at first
it sounds terrible, just try changing the instruments around a
bit, or turning the drums emulation off if it sounds poor with a
particular program. You should be able to achieve excellent
results. Unfortunately there is no 1 configuration you can use,
as different music needs differant instruments/drums, so once you
find out what works with a program I recommend you write it down
so you don't need to work it out again. You can either turn the
ST's volume down, or listen to both outputs at once, which sounds
best depends again on the music.

Some compatible software
The Secret Of Monkey Island, Civilisation, Frontier Elite 2, STOS
and anything written in it, Railroad Tycoon, Lotus 2, Cruise For
A Corpse, Titus The Fox, Xenon, Wizball, Arkanoid 2, Zynaps,
Starquake, Hero's of the lance, Rock and Roll, BMC, Giga Music,
Hell Raiser, Phantasm, Skull Diggery.

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