Safaria was a game that featured on the Jagex site. It was safari themed and featured on the site during and around 2000. It is one of a few games which were never re-made. Interestingly it was on a site that Jagex had made no other games for called planetg-hop. This site has no records so therefore the game cannot be traced further than what is on the Jagex website. The protaganist girl was also featured in several interactive flash animations on this site that appear to be unrelated to Jagex.

Gameplay was similar to the classic arcade game Frogger, where the player must move vertically across dangers to reach a safe point at the top. After the first couple of levels, though, it strays from Frogger's across-the-water formula and later levels include deserts, mud and stampedes to maneuver. The music was composed of two alternating parts, the first was a simple action theme and the second was the rythmic beating of tribal drums.

Description Edit

When it was out its description read:


Guide Safaria through the jungle, and collect the red jewels! Watch out for lions, rocks, rhinos, spiders, snakes and more. Then use the boats, hippos and crocs to cross the river. Cool background music, and 10 Levels of action in this great game.

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