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Genre Shooter, Arcade
Release February 27, 2008
Multi-player No


StarCannon gameplay.

StarCannon is a space-themed vertical scrolling shooter game. It was released on the day of FunOrb's launch.

Description Edit

FunOrb description read:

The war is going badly for Earth. The Battle of Proxima has seen the defeat of the Terran Space Navy and its flagship, the TNS-HOOD, has been destroyed. A barbaric race of insectoid aliens, the Paragula, is now in position to invade our solar system.

The valiant efforts of our unfortunate pilots has, however, bought enough time for us to bring our experimental fighter, the Nova Ray, to battle readiness. You must command this awesome vessel against almost impossible odds, in the defence of Earth.

Good luck, and good hunting!

Gameplay Edit

The basic idea of StarCannon is to shoot down enemy ships as they come towards you, avoiding enemies and their bullets while firing and collecting powerups, with the prototype ship "Nova Ray". Enemies will continue to attack throughout the level until the boss is reached. Bosses shoot masses of bullets and have shields that take a considerable amount of firepower to deplete, as well as a health bar. Survival in StarCannon is often a matter of evading bullets and tactical use of your shields. StarCannon consists of three levels. However, if you play on hard, a bonus fourth level will be unlocked. A hidden achievement called Zenon Warrior can be unlocked by beating the fourth bonus level.

More Info Edit

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