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Stellar Dawn

Stellar Dawn's former logo.

Stellar Dawn is an upcoming game Jagex have tried to keep secret. used to redirect to FunOrb, but as of 14th July 2010, it shows the Stellar Dawn website. It is now in closed beta, and it is looking for people to beta test it right now. For more information, see

Website Edit

Strange stellardawn

Strange happenings on the Stellar Dawn website.

Jagex bought the domain a long time ago, for quite a while it was just error 404 but then one day Jagex redirected it to funorb with no comment, it has been like that for years now however on the 20th July 2009 it changed into a cross between Runescape and Funorb (see picture to the right). The user was using Google Chrome and it appears to be being redirected to Funorb again.

On 14th July 2010, it stopped redirecting to FunOrb, instead, it showed the upcoming Stellar Dawn and the closed beta was coming.

Stellar Dawn is an MMORPGEdit

Theories state that Stellar Dawn is a FunOrb game, but this has proved false, as on the homepage, it clearly states that Stellar Dawn is an MMORPG, like RuneScape, but it is a Sci-Fi. When MechScape failed to stand up to expectations, Jagex decided to restart the project, this time branding it under the name of Stellar Dawn.


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