First of all, Kickabout is finally out, just got 3 achievements in one game with a little help from a friend! W00000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey just logged in the wiki and found a new banner thingy so i clicked on it and i found a blog so i thought hey why not give it a shot (Ha the unintentional pun with kickabout i just noticed). So basically if you don't know already i am whovian39 the only beurocrat on this wiki at the current moment however there are quite a few deserving people on this wiki who i think will get some sorta status for their work later.

So anyway we have many ongoing projects on the wiki for the ones i can think of i have this list:

  • Goodison is having problems with templates so hes working on that!
  • Me and Goodison are also working on a new advert for the wiki, i might make a small one on my youtube acc at the weekend just to start spreading the word before the proper ad.
  • Me and WCD have been working on a secret project that we have let 5 people in on.
  • Me, WCD and Rhhh4 are busy scouring the archives for information.
  • As always we are busy making pages and improving pages as always so look out for improvement!
  • We now have a wikia youtube acc i'm working on!

My personal goals are:

  • I still have to make many pages, i will be making the Parallax painter (demo) and Fireworks screensaver page soon
  • I am trying to get in the hall of heroes on funorb, currently i have 47600 orb points.
  • I recently applied for a job on msworld, don't worry i'll still be just as active on the wiki.
  • I am working on two projects aswell, the music pages and i would like to make a page charting all re-makes of all games!
  • I'm working on my videos for youtube aswell!

I will make this blog weekly but contact me if you want me sooner!