Current orb points: 56850

Cor, what a long week, i've got so much done including

  • My runescape machinima competition entry (Which King vivil wasn't too impressed by)!
  • I did a bit more of the Old Andrew gower stuff.
  • I divided RSC into alpha and beta and i'm going to make a gamma for the upcoming version soon.
  • I redesigned my page - not because it looks better (because frankly it don't lol) but to test out a new picture feature which has clear up my page a lot!
  • I finally got my computer to upload videos onto youtube!!! Because i downloaded google chrome it works but it still doesn't on firefox (my main browser).
  • I finally got my sound working and using a nice little piece of kool software called audacity i can now record it!
  • The two above now mean i can upload videos of Old Jagex Music and i have already uploaded 2!
  • Steel sentinels was finally released and i got one or two achievements.
  • This also meant i had to erase quite a lot of information off the steel sentinels page as its the funorb wikis now which is a strong point i keep trying to get across is that pages like orb defence aren't stubs because they aren't meant to have a lot of information because they are covered by the funorb and runescape wiki!
  • The Funorb q&a went quite well (although i did make a bit of a fool of myself as mod raven kept answering questions i was asking mod korpz and getting on my nerves and then telling me they'd answer my question if someone else answered it... grrrrrrr!!!!) as we got quite a lot of information to add which we have done.
  • Mod korpz also told us that the upcoming funorb game in the orb downloads was steel sentinels which means we had to delete that page =[.
  • I did the rag and bone man quests as much as i wanted too.
  • I finally did the Mountain daughter quest (some wierdo sick quest about a man in a bear suit killing a little girl...) which i've been meaning to do for ages!

Anyway onto this upcoming week, this following week i won't be around as much as it's my birthday on the 22nd! =] hooray! But i still will be helping out nonetheless! I shall be:

  • Finishing the old andrew gower stuff.
  • Making a RuneScape Classic (Gamma) page.
  • Making a Mechscape beta page.
  • Dividing the RuneScape 2 page into Runescape 2 alpha beta and members beta.
  • I shall make a page about the bottomless pit that was only on for a day.
  • I shall be making a page about the RuneScape that was only online for a short while and all accounts on it were deleted as it was just a backup version because the main one was having some big bug issues.
  • Its another Q&A tomorrow - It's only player support but i will post on it anyway!
  • I shall be making more videos on my youtube account seeing as i can now!
  • And i might re-style my page again.

Anyway, i think thats it and i'll leave you with the videos i've made this week!

My RuneScape Machinima

Old Jagex Music

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