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Hey, i've been a bit distracted this week and i'm sorry but i am slowly working my way through my to do list! I am going to give myself the next few weeks to finish all the small things before starting on a major project like the jagex owned domains (but we don't have them all and it will hurt hands doing all the typing), Jagex shop (which will be pretty easy but slow) or the Jagex moderators (which will be a very big challenge as i'm going by names and i have to match names with usernames). I need to clear the way of all these small details before starting on the big projects to focus properly and i want to make sure that i have definitely done them all so that they don't come back to annoy me! This week is also going to be a very big week as it is the Andrew Gower Q&A tomorow at 4 (they changed time - i put an alarm on my phone). We need quite a few users around to get all the info down in the wiki.

But anyway other than that it will be a quiet week as this one has been - another new user - tedjuh10! But other than that and the constant arguments with king vivil but it has been a quite quiet week. I thought i might try to set up a game on this vlog - What are the 3 things you want this wiki to have when it is like up and running? Mine are:

  • Good community - like not some i'm only here to do my editing leave me alone kind of community but one where everyone knows and gets on with everyone else.
  • Everyones equal - like on the funorb wiki i have no bcrat powers and when i made the ataxtix page this higher up guy just kept deleting it and everyone backed him up cos he had the power to lock the page which he did without even fully reading it but on our wiki i think we should have it where if we make a page someone doesn't like we still make the page (unless it is completely without backing) and include why someone thinks it shouldn't be there on the page!
  • Full information - all the information we can possibly get is put onto the jagex wiki - believe it or not but we already have the most complete list of old jagex software on the internet!

The rules of the game are - you can't put exactly the same 3 points as anyone else but you can use one or two of other peoples. Leave you 3 in comments!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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