I've putting this off for a while but i think it's finally time for me to say goodbye. I'm leaving this wiki. This has been the most amazing time, here on the wiki. We had the best wiki team ever and we found out more than anyone has ever found out about jagex history. It really felt like the past 5 years have been building up to this and i'm glad they were (sounds sad but you know what i mean). But now we have found practically everything there was to find and there is little to do but constantly update this wiki - which is good but not the reason i joined. I joined to have a record of everything of jagex past. I was just lucky really that we got even better - an awesome team. I hope i can keep in touch with you all but i really don't know how well it will work with wcd in a different time zone, rhhh4 hardly online anymore (or are you and i just keep missing you?) and vivil getting even more busy.

The future of this wiki

I leave this wiki in the capable hands of mr. vivil. I wish you the best of luck - not that you'll need it and knowing you, you probably wouldn't notice there anyway you're such a hard worker.

I now have the job as writer for the LegendsHQ Newspost and i will post the link to my first post when it's out. If you ever need contact me - my in-game name is Whoite39 (display The 39th Guy), My email is and my mechscapeworld and legendsHQ username is Whovian39.

Thanks everyone - this has been an amazing year and you guys are what made it that awesome!

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