Hey, its been quite a busy week this week, i've been using this blog as my deadline for my work this week and cor its been hard work! I did all the Jagex music pages with a lot of help from rhhh on the current jagex games (thanks rhhh, user of the month next month methinks) and wcd on the old jagex music info. We also have two new users, one under the name of Cflm001 who is just what i have been looking for as he can manage all the broken redirects across the wiki from page moves and stuff and the other users called Bizzah who quite humorously thinks that WCD is a jagex moderator lol. Also you may or may not know that i broke my arm recently and have had it in a cast for a while, i got it out of the cast today - W00000000000000000000000000000000000t! Today i made my 150th article as well =]. So anyway this week i got the respected users thing going with help from goodison (and i gave it to WCD and Rhhh) and i set up user of the month (Wcd, and i know rhhh getting it next month lol) and article of the month (ataxtix) with no help from goodison. We finally finished the music pages and we now have a thirdscape page as well! Unfortunately we still haven't moved the category Old Jagex Games to the category old jagex software =[ i'll get goodison on it. Another thing i've done is two quests on runescape and the team achieve on vertigo 2 with rhhh.

Anyway onto what i'm focusing on next week:

  • I shall be focusing on making videos for my youtube account up until the weekend, then i shall upload loads all in one go!
  • I shall be making pages on joke jagex games like on the mock up site and the run escape joke on the funorb forums last april fools.
  • Our official advert nears completion and hopefully it should be on me, goodison and the jagex wikis youtube accounts (and anyone else's who asks) by the end of this week.

A hopefully more quiet week this week! =] Few what a week

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