Current Orb points: 55550

Ok well last week i was really annoyed because everything was messed up but now it isn't as messed up as it needs to be. I mean before I'd already done the castce page and the summary of research. I'd also started on the Q&As (FunOrbs tomorrow - can't wait!), the youtube advert and the Jagex owned domains! I have now completed the Jagex owned domains, done all i need to do for the video and i got answers for the Mod mmg Q&A along with finishing the Q&A forums. I still have to do:

  • Jagex moderators (I need a full list as it turns out ren didn't give wcd the full list after all - he missed out lots!)
  • Jagex shop (I have plenty of time for this why rush?)
  • Andrew Gowers 3d GBA rendering engine (I'll have to wait until the Q&A thread with andrew gower)
  • Videos (I'm probably not going to have a chance to upload them for quite a while so i can do those later in the year)
  • Get 80,000 orb points (No urgency there but you'll notice i put a little bit at the top saying how many i have - I'll do this each week!)
  • Achievement diarys (Again no urgency)

And a new load of stuff to do:

  • Runescape machima contest (A new contest about runescape videos - closing date 25th, might have a go at that this week)
  • Questions for FunOrb (Another Q&A tomorrow - i have to add some more questions and post them on the forums)
  • More old andrew gower stuff (We found more old andrew gower stuff - will be getting that on the wiki soon)
  • Rag and bone quests (Since another one was just released i thought i'm slightly falling behind with the second part of the first quest)

Another thing i've noticed more recently is the real sense of community, people are getting to know each other and we are slowly getting more interest in this wiki! =]

So anyway back to what i was saying - thats 10 things, most of which have no urgency or i can't do right now anyway so really i can sit back and relax a bit. This week i'll be doing the Q&A with funorb, the machima contest and the rag and bone man things. I will probably continue with the 80,000 orb points and the old andrew gower stuff.

So anyway thats basically it - Thanks for reading!

~Bureaucratcrown Whovian39 TalkSysopcrown ~

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