Sorry i haven't been doing much lately it's just it was just my birthday and i'm still arranging the party (me and 9 friends going for all you can eat pizza! =]). I will be back at my usual standard soon i'm just taking a little time off. However i will be posting the questions for the Q&A with Andrew Gower tomorrow and i hope it goes better than last week (i accidentally forgot it...) and i will get all the other stuff sorted. I also just noticed that my videos on my last blog have changed into links for some unknown reason. I may or may not be editing this week but don't worry i will be back!!!! =] I think the wiki is doing pretty well already - another 2 new users this week - RSWfan (rsw stands for runescape wiki as king vivil knows lol) and hawkfire009. Anyway sorry this is a small blog but don't worry! Anyway everything is going well and i am pretty happy with how the wiki is going bar one thing...

~Crys that i added everyones birthday in the news and no-one added mine =[~

Anyway thanks for reading, i vill be back!

Bureaucratcrown Whovian39 TalkSysopcrown

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