Ok well i'm very sorry to say this but i think i shall abandon this wiki until further notice due to lack of interest. Before we had a team - we had WCD who helped scour the archives and get all sorts of multimedia, Rhhh4 who was very respected on mechscape world, goodison who cared about the advertising and wiki format, king vivil who took time to correct every little mistake and me who just got everything onto the wiki. We had a good team /community but recently things have been slowing down - WCD has other things like winning in the kal diamond division and helping out bigger things, rhhh4 i get the feeling, would much rather be on mechscape world, king vivil and me had an argument and i left a message on his page but i get the feeling i won't see him again and goodison has quite a lot to do at the moment and has pretty much finished advertising as best as he could. So that just leaves me and editing on my own is just not the same - i think without all those people helping out i can't ever properly complete this wiki because all pages would be tinted with my opinion. So for that reason until we have a proper community again i will vote out. I will stay around on wikia and maybe make a few more edits on here sometimes but i won't be able to edit like i use to. My blog will be much less frequent as well. I will continue to find new jagex info and post videos on youtube but i shall not add them to the wiki as often.

Note: When there are some more people on here contact me and i will start my editing again - i will still be around on wikia - just leave a message.

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