Well i promised i would be vlogging weekly and i'm sticking to it and can i say cor what a week! I never thought i'd manage to do so much in one week! This week i have uploaded 15 videos of old jagex games to my youtube account, got my 3rd prestige (i only got my 2nd the other week) and i finally made the Re-makes page! That last one is something i've been meaning to do for ages and i am so glad i did it (it took long enough lol)! And on top of that Mobilising armies has finally been released (i don't like it but i like the little note section it came with its just what i need!) and we have a new user - king vivil, he is exactly the sort of user i have been hoping for to join this wiki. You see he cares for presentation, on this wiki we have great researchers like rhhh and WCD (who i think personally if this wiki was bigger and more people were on here i would give them both admin powers straight away!), we have great wiki workers like goodison goomba who specializes in templates and maintenance and we have people like me who are just good at writing loads of information but we needed someone who cared for the presentation of the wiki and i hoping king vivil is the right person for it - no pressure!

Anyway onto what we are aiming to do next week. Goodison is working on moving the category old jagex games to old jagex software and i'm hoping to get user and article of the month up and running pretty soon! We are also in desperate need of a page on thirdscape and with recent news we are falling a bit behind with it. I think goodison was working on it a while back but we forgot about it which is why it was never really made but anyway i'm hoping to find out whether he is still on it! The final thing i want to do and i keep promising this is to get pages on jagex music and to tie in with that i'd quite like to get down a page on orb downloads and add it to current software but i doubt i'll get round to it this week.

Also coming back to what i said about giving WCD and rhhh administration, i was thinking maybe i could set up a new rank on the wiki, like a grey crown and its respected users, what privileges they would have is that their word is final unless told otherwise by a user with higher or the same status. I will have to check around if this is ok with some people but generally i think it would be ok.

Anyway what do you think on some of the things i mentioned? Please leave a comment lol.