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Genre Platform
Release 1999
Multi-player Yes
Vertigo 1999

A screenshot of the original Vertigo.

Vertigo (1999) was the second version of Vertigo. It featured on Games Domain and followed the previous version, Parallax Painter. It was followed by Vertigo (2000) and that in turn followed by Vertigo 2.

The differences between Vertigo (2000) and Vertigo (1999) were:

  • Black areas around points and other numbers at the bottom of the screen.
  • Paler bricks.
  • Less quality (e.g. In 1999 the players character was less smooth).


To win each level you must paint all the blue-blocks purple using the paint-pots scattered around. There are numerous blocks which will help or hinder your progress.

Gameplay footageEdit

Vertigo 1999

Vertigo 1999