War of Legends
Developer Ultizen
Publisher Jagex Ltd.
Release dates 19 January 2010
Mode Multiplayer
Platforms Flash
Media Web interface
Input Keyboard, mouse

War of Legends is a free multiplayer strategy game made by Jagex Games Studio. The game takes place in ancient China.

War of Legends was live by the end of January 2010.

The game is free-to-play but involves the ability to purchase items for use in game through microtransactions. It has regular updates similar to RuneScape. Players can log into War of Legends through their RuneScape/FunOrb username and password, and can be able to log in to War of Legends and RuneScape simultaneously. Unlike most Jagex games, War Of Legends is based in Flash instead of Java.

Gameplay Edit

War of Legends has both Player-vs-Environment and Player-vs-Player components. A player starts the game with a main city and has to conquer land and develop their city in an attempt to build a large empire. There are two views - map and city. Players build or improve their city in city view and take over environment and player owned land in map view.

External sites of interest Edit

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