The YM-2-MIDI Utility Version 2.0 was the second to last version of the YM-2-MIDI Utility made by Andrew Gower, the final being the YM-2-MIDI Utility Version 2.1. Although this version was removed Andrew Gower never removed the instructions - instead he just redirected the link for the 2.1 instructions to the 2.0. The instructions read:

YM3/YM5 To MIDI File Convertion Utility - Version 2.0
By Andrew Gower

This program converts ym files into midi files which can be played on your PC or MIDI
keyboard, placed on a webpage etc... This new version produces MUCH more accurate midi
files than the last version, and as result sounds far far better!

Either use the ST Emulator PaCifiST to create a ym file, or download some off the
internet. If you download them they will probably be lzh compressed, so you will need
to decompress them with lha_e.exe which I have enclosed for conveniance.

Next copy the ym file into the same directory as ym2midi.exe and then run ym2midi.exe. Enter
the name of the ym file and then enter which instruments you would like to use. It is no
longer anywhere near as critical which instruments you use, most combinations sound fairly
nice now. Just experiment until you find something you really like. The instrument can be any
value from 0-127. Using 80 for each channel is a good set to try first, as 80 is a square-wave
which is what the ST uses. It sounds a bit boring though, so try changing the instruments
to something more interesting afterwards. The best way to do this is to load the midi
file into an editor program, and change the instruments around whilst the music is playing
so you can hear what sounds good.

If you have any questions, ideas, bug reports, praise :-) etc... feel free to e-mail me.

Have fun!

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